About Us

We are specialists in what we do. Our founding partners having worked across almost every sector, using their considerable experience and expertise to help senior stakeholders in over 100 of the world’s largest corporations.

Our projects range from 250 to 25,000 people in any job role; from rules to regulations, processes to procedures, operational requirements to safety, compliance to sustainability, and many more.

So confident are we in our approach, we only work with clients who have the resources, commitment and integrity to act on the insights we generate.

In return, we will give your organisation, and its employees, the confidence to take the right actions every time.


Introducing the team:

Neil Bachelor, Assessment Director

Neil was Head of Research & Development at Cognisco before working in product development for the psychometric assessment company SHL. He specialises in job profiling and assessment design and has led projects working with governments and large organisations in sectors such as telecommunications, energy distribution and financial services.

Scott Sharp, Director

Scott is an expert in creating innovative products and technologies that help major organisations increase performance with highly scalable solutions. He has specialised in the online assessment sector since the late 1990s and has worked with over 250 global blue-chip clients across European, North America and the Asia Pacific markets.

Iain Row

Iain Row, Chief Technical Officer

Iain leads the technical team that built and supports the Pure Measures web-based analytical platform. His talents were first developed at the Open University where he led their online assessment division, before going on to establish his own successful software development company.